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Making Apps with the Lua Programming Language and Corona SDK

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Alright folks… I’m intending to tackle and document the way I think that mobile game and app development should be done by learning the Lua programming language and my favourite cross-platform framework…  Corona SDK!


Check out the video tutorial below or click here to see it on Youtube 


Beginners and Non-Programmers are Welcome! (And those with experience too!)


At the start of every tutorial series I will display a “Road Map” of the overall plan and what concepts are being covered in that tutorial.

The Sample Road Map

You’ll see this sample map with a little dude showing “You are Here” at the start of every tutorial.


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These tutorials aim to help you start understanding how to code and make apps. By learning the Lua programming language you will be on your way to making apps and games that you’ll be able to publish to the app stores in no time! (for fun or to start earning passive $$$)


I think it is important to separate the core features of the Lua programming language from the core features of a particular framework. That way you will never feel fully dependent on a particular framework.


We’ll learn both the Lua programming language and the Corona SDK framework in parallel !


If we tried to teach you only the Lua programming language by itself.. you’d probably start to get bored and lose focus on the end goal: Making Games and Publishing Apps.

Learning Corona SDK without knowing the fundamentals of the Lua programming language might result in getting overwhelmed by the SDK and its features. If you get stuck, I want you to be able to have enough knowledge and tricks in your belt to find out how to get un-stuck.


“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”

Like anything, the more you practice the better you get.


I will be supplementing these written tutorials with screen-cast videos so you’ll be able to follow along with your preferred learning method (reading or watching… while doing it yourself!).

Having a solid foundation in the Lua programming language will serve you well when using the Corona SDK API and also any of the other multiple frameworks that use Lua.

Free Lessons

Most lessons and videos will be absolutely Free! However, some of my best kept secrets and insider tricks will be for paid members only.


These premium tutorials/videos will be available for a flat rate membership fee on a month-to-month basis (members can cancel at anytime). Alternatively, I think I will allow at single payment option that will allow lifetime access to this entire premium tutorials series. I think these premium tutorials/videos will get you ahead of your peers only watching the free content.. but it is entirely your choice.


Re-usable Skills


In the Sample Road Map, we could have easily pulled out the framework and swapped in a different Game Engine / Framework that uses Lua as the fundamental programming language. Want to try a different framework… you’ll have the core knowledge to make any API transition easier!


Learning Lua and Related Benefits


Additionally, with the core Lua knowledge under your belt you will be able to re-use your skills to use Server side technologies like:


  • Luvit (similar to NodeJS but in Lua)


Are you into World of Warcraft?….

  • Create custom Add-Ons using Lua


Also… Lua concepts, ideas and constructs are extremely similar to another (more) popular language out there!


Yes, Javascript… if you know Lua, then learning Javascript will be an extremely easy transition.


I plan to mix it up and add in some Javascipt lessons from time to time… without going fully going off the Lua tracks. If you go on to learn Javascript there are a ton (I mean a massively huge ton) of Javascript libraries out there… and you may never come back to your first love….. Lua!


Looking forward to you joining us…..


Video Tutorial Here –



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